Rules of survival bluestacks

Rules of survival bluestacks

Rules of survival bluestacks: is one of the best games of 2018. It is the free version of PUBG on your device. It is really hard to use the controls of Rules of survival hack apk when playing it on a touchscreen device. If you would love to play the game without any kind of frustration of controls then you can try Rules of survival bluestacks. getting used to controls in bluestacks take some time but it is super easy to set up.

Rules of survival bluestacks
Rules of survival bluestacks

Installing Rules of survival bluestacks

Before starting the process make sure that you have the latest version of bluestacks installed on your pc. RoS is a demanding game so it is important to have the latest version of bluestacks. If you have the latest version then it is super easy, download Ros on bluestacks and enjoy. getting used to with the controls on Rules of survival bluestacks takes some time. you can start with by clicking on the eye icon at the bottom of the screen. With key tips, you can get familiar with the keys. Once you get the know the keys you can turn off the key tips to avoid screen disturbance.

Default Keybinds Rules of survival bluestacks

Reload – R

Change fire rate of weapon 1 – Y

Change fire rate of weapon 2 – U

Activate Vehicle Boost – E

Open Map – M

Drive in Car – L

Ride In Car – J

Movement – W, A, S, D

Open Doors/Interact – F

Rotate Camera – Hold Q + Move Mouse

Pick Up First Item In Stack – Q

Pick Up Second Item In Stack – H

Pick Up Third Item In Stack – J

Jump – Spacebar

Crouch – C

Prone – Z

Switch To Primary – 1

Switch to Secondary – 2

Switch to Pistol – 3

Switch to Melee – 4

Use Grenade Item – 5

Use Med Item – 6

Check Your Inventory – B

I hope these tips on Rules of survival bluestacks have helped you. If you any question regarding it you can ask in the comments section.

Rules of survival bluestacks